Seafari – Espiritu Santo National Park

Join La Paz Divers for a Seafari in the Espiritu Santo National Park and explore the wonders of The Jewel in the Crown of La Paz, Mexico

The Espiritu Santo National Park consists of five islands and several islets. The largest island in the archipelago is Espiritu Santo hence the name of this protected marine park.

The islands were born from tectonic uplifting and volcanic eruptions creating some amazing rock formations in the process. The land component of the park covers some 100 square miles while the total area protected is around 600 square miles.

During this trip, you can visit the sea lion colony at Los Islotes to observe and swim with inquisitive, playful juveniles (please note that during the months of June, July and August it is not possible to swim or dive with the sea lions as these are the months that they breed. Observation from the boat only during this time).

You will also be taken to several bays that are important foraging areas for sea turtles. Watch from the boat as the turtles surface for air before taking another dive to feed on algae and seagrass beds.

Another place of interest is Isla Ballena where you can snorkel along its cliff face and swim inside small cave entrances. This place is abundant with sea fans, encrusting sponges, and orange buttercup corals that give much vibrance to this rocky reef habitat. There is a wide range of reef fish present and the area appears to be an important fish nursery evident by the clouds of fish fry in the water column at certain times of the year.

The Espiritu Santo National Park boasts some pristine beaches. You will have the opportunity to visit several of them for more snorkeling or to simply relax over lunch.

There are several archaeological sites that you can visit including a man-made fish trap structure, a place that was used for pearl cultivation, and even sacred burial areas.

Depending on the time of year, it is possible to encounter pods of dolphins, various whale species, and mobula rays to name but a few.

The duration of this seafari is approximately 6-7 hours.

Price $145 USD per person.

Espiritu Santo Trip Specifics

Price: $145 usd per person snorkel trip

$175 usd per person scuba diving

  • Included: Snorkeling equipment, wetsuit,  tanks and weights for divers, licensed boat with certified captain, marine biologist guide, National Park entry permit, lunch and refreshments.
  • Not included: Hotel pick up and gratuities.
  • Trip duration: 5 – 7 hours.
  • Suitability: Family friendly.
  • Trip highlights: Sea lions, snorkeling, fish, coral reefs, caves, paradise beach.
  • Season: Year-round however swimming and diving with the sea lions at Los Islotes is closed from June 1 and reopens September 1.
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