Striped Marlin – “Mexican Sardine Run”

Join La Paz Divers on our 3-day expedition to witness striped marlin and other predators preying on schools of sardines

Each fall, millions, if not billions of sardines migrate along the Pacific coast of Baja California Sur. One of the places they become concentrated is the open ocean area just outside of Bahia Magdalena, a large bay around 3 hours north of La Paz, Mexico.

In the north bay area is a quaint fishing village by the name of Puerto San Carlos. This is where we set off from on a panga to explore the open ocean for bait-balls of sardines that usually have several predators in tow including striped marlin and California sea lions.

The cost of this expedition is $575 USD per person which includes 6-7 hours in the open ocean on each of the 3 days.  Longer or shorter expeditions can also be arranged.

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Accommodation has not been added to this cost as guests may have varying accommodation preferences. There are several hotels in Puerto San Carlos to choose from. Their prices range between around $65 USD to $100 USD plus.



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