Manta Rays

Join La Paz Divers to swim the majestic oceanic giant manta rays of La Reina close off the coast of La Paz, Mexico.

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Each summer, oceanic giant manta rays (Mobula birostris), aggregate around a rocky islet known as “La Reina” or “The Queen” located off the northern-tip of Isla Cerralvo (AKA Jacques Cousteau Island) off the coast of La Paz in Baja California Sur in Mexico.

La Reina is home to a small group of California sea lions that like to feed here on the bounty of available prey items.


Join us on a responsible trip to snorkel or scuba dive with with amazing creatures. You may have the opportunity to contribute to research by capturing suitable photographs that can be used to identify individuals. This helps answer questions about  population dynamics, seasonal abundance and other useful information.

Price $145 USD per person.

Includes snorkel equipment, wetsuits, lunch, and refreshments.

#Please note: Due to the highly migratory behaviour of mantas, we can not guarantee locating them during your trip.

Mantas trip info

Price: $145 usd per person snorkeling/free diving.

  • Included: Snorkeling equipment, wetsuits, ceviche or burritos lunch and refreshments, licensed boat with certified captain, certified marine biologist guide.
  • Not included: Gratuities, land transportation.
  • Trip duration: 6 hours.
  • Suitability: Family friendly.
  • Trip highlights: Manta rays, sea lions, coral reefs, reef fish, beaches, rock formations, sea birds.
  • Season: Typically July to October.
  • Meeting place: La Paz malecon.
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