Gray Whale Watching in Magdalena Bay

Join our gray whale watching adventure out of Puerto Chale in Magdalena Bay roughly 2 hours north of La Paz


Around fall each year, the Pacific gray whales, Eschrichtius robustus, begin their 6,000 mile or so southern migration from the icy waters of the Bearing and Chukchi Seas to the warm Pacific lagoons of the Baja peninsula in Mexico.  Towards the end of December, they begin to arrive in Magdalena Bay to find mates or to give birth and nurse their young before their return journey begins in March or April of the next year.  Nursing mothers and their calves are generally the last ones to leave the lagoons residing here as long as late-March into early-April.

Our preferred location in to seek gray whales is in Puerto Chale in the southern part of the bay. This area has less visitors than other locations despite often having the highest abundance of gray whales than any other location within Magdalena Bay making it the perfect choice for a gray whale watching experience.

Join La Paz Divers for a day to visit the gray whales in their Magdalena Bay wintering grounds and view mothers with their calves as well as single animals exploring the warm-water lagoons for possible mates.

We run trips from January through March or early April of each year. Trips depart from La Paz. Other departure places may be available at request and self-arrivals are also welcome.

The price is $175 USD per person and includes 2 hours of whale watching, round-trip transportation from La Paz to Puerto Chale, a packed breakfast, restaurant lunch, refreshments and a knowledgeable guide.

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