Emergency First Response

Thinking about becoming a Rescue diver or Divemaster? Or do you need to refresh your first aid and secondary care skills?

Look no further than the Emergency First Response (EFR) Combined Course with La Paz Divers

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The Emergency First Response (EFR) course is a prerequisite to becoming a PADI Rescue Diver or PADI Divemaster and is also a requirement for maintaining your professional membership with PADI as a Divemaster or Instructor.

EFR (Emergency First Response) Combined Course


EFR Primary Care,
EFR Secondary Care,
EFR Care for Children, and
AED and O2 optional modules.

-Primary assessment.
-Hands-only CPR (Cardio-Pulmonary Resuscitation).
-Complete CPR (chest compressions with rescue breaths).
-2-rescuer CPR.
-AED (Automated External Defibrillator) use.
-AED integration to CPR.
-Emergency oxygen administration.
-O2 admin. with oronasal resuscitation mask.
-O2 admin. with BVM (Bag-Valve-Mask) device.
-O2 admin. with MTV (Manually Triggered Ventilator).
-O2 admin. with non-rebreather mask.
-Severe B-Con (Bleeding Control) including use of C-A-T (Combat Application Tourniquet).
-Shock Management (including administration of Epinephrine with auto-injectors for anaphylactic shock).
-Spinal stabilization (DOES NOT include spinal immobilization -use of c-collar and backboard- which we teach separately).
-Lateral recovery position.
-FBAO (Foreign Body Airway Obstruction) Management for both conscious and unconscious patient.
-First aid (minor bleeding, burns, sprains, fractures, bites, stings, heat realated emergencies, …).
-Naloxone administration with NARCAN nasal spray for opioids oversode.

all for Adult, Child and Infant patients.

Participants who complete the course skills practice and pass the EFR Primary Care and EFR Secondary Care written exams receive:

-Digital temporary c-card (certification card) from PADI/EFR in English valid for 90 days.

-Plastic c-card from PADI/EFR in English valid for 2 years.

-Bilingual wall certificate valid for 2 years.

-Optional, free-of-charge, for Mexico only, DC-3 form from STPS (for workers of Mexican companies requiring it).

Price: $135 USD per student.

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EFR course info

Price: $135 USD per student.

  • Included: Access to training videos, in-class training, practical training, certification.
  • Not included: EFR manual.
  • Duration: 2 days
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