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Bilingual Marine Biology Workshops for Adults – La Paz, Mexico – Series September 2023

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Series: September 2023

Workshop 1: September 10 – Intro, Spanish for marine biology, Research designation, snorkel, underwater photography (Playa La Concha)
Price – $800 Pesos per student

09:00 – Arrival – sign liability release forms
09:15 – Welcome talk, ice-break, and aquatic safety
09:45 – introduction to marine biology
10:30 – Spanish class focusing on ocean related vocabulary
11:00 – Break
11:30 – Research assignment designation and preliminary research
12:00 – Snorkel and skin diving best practices and instruction. Basic underwater photography and species identification OR shore-based marine fauna collection, photography, and identification for non-swimmers
13:00 – Close

Workshop 2: September 22 – Coral gardening workshop (Pichilingue)
Price – $1,200 Pesos per student

09:00 – Briefing of activities
09:30 – A range of practical and dynamic activities about the biology of coral and their importance to our oceans and us.
11:00 – Break
11:30 – Coral gardening hands-on activities.
Includes the rental of mask, snorkel, fins, wetsuit, buoyancy aid.
13:00 – close

Workshop 3: September 23 – Data collection by kayak and analysis (Playa Saltito)
Price – $800 Pesos per student plus a food donation of non perishable items for impoverished families of La Paz

09:00 – Briefing of activities
09:30 – Sit-on kayak basic instruction and safety
10:00 – Marine plankton workshop and data collection by kayak (plankton trawling, water samples for basic analysis, visibility estimates
11:00 – Break
11:30 – Continue with data collection
12:30 – Microscopic analysis and identification of plankton found in the samples
13:00 – Close

Workshop 4: September 30 – Mangroves, mangrove inhabitants, and coastal birds (Conchalito mangroves – close to Fidepaz)
Price – $800 Pesos per student

09:00 – Briefing of activities
09:30 – An introduction to mangroves and their importance in ecology
10:00 – Locate and identify different mangrove species noting the zonation of the different species. Locate and identify marine critters.
11:00 – Break
11:30 – Coastal birds – a look at the most common birds found here and how their beak morphology directly relates to their method of feeding
12:00 – Locate and identify different coastal birds with the aid of binoculars and bird photography using a telephoto lens.
13:00 – Close

The students’ research presentations will be conducted at an agreed time and place after the workshop series. There is no charge for this final activity.

Full payment is required in advance so that we can confirm dates and activities with our team and our collaborators.

Click the following link to enroll

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Bilingual Marine Biology Spring Workshop for Kids

Back by popular demand!!


It is with great pleasure to once again offer our bilingual marine biology workshop for kids in La Paz, Mexico.

After a hugely successful series of five Saturday workshops last summer, we are offering another five workshops every Saturday in April 2023 (1st, 8th, 15th, 22nd, 29th)
Our bilingual marine biology summer workshop for kids aims to provide a fun and informative summer camp-style program to educate your children about the amazing biodiversity of marine life that we are so lucky to have here, the threats that some species and habitats are facing, and what we can do to help protect them.
Our highly professional crew of teachers, marine biologists, and dive / snorkeling instructors will guide your children to learn about the local marine environment with an emphasis on enjoying it responsibly.
Professional snorkeling instruction will be offered to those interested, giving your children a window into a whole new world. We will also have a day of kayaking for science, and underwater photography.
We will conduct a total of five workshops to be held on Playa El Caimancito every Saturday starting on Saturday 1 April 2023 (last workshop is on Saturday 29 April) from 10 am – 3 pm.
The cost per workshop is $600 Pesos for each child.
PROMOTION: Register for all five workshops for just $2,500 Pesos!
Preregistration and prepayment is required.
We provide all activities, the use of snorkel gear, shade for the beach, refreshments, and a cool box for your use. Children are required to bring along their own lunch.
To enrol you can call or WhatsApp +52 612 197 5824 or send an email to [email protected]
Limited spaces.

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