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Learn to Scuba Dive in La Paz, Mexico

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Discover the hidden beauty of the Sea of Cortez and learn to scuba dive in La Paz, Mexico with La Paz Divers

Scuba Diving in La PazDo you consider yourself an adventurer with a curiosity about marine life? Are you a person with a passion for the sea and underwater life and want to learn to dive in one of the most biodiverse places in the world? If the answer is yes, then you are in the right place, because here at La Paz Divers you can do both at the same time. Learning to scuba dive in La Paz will be an unparalleled experience, since it is located on the beautiful shores of the Gulf of California, AKA Sea of Cortez. This bountiful sea known as “the aquarium of the world”, as dubbed by Jacques Cousteau. La Paz is home to a large number of marine organisms and incredible landscapes. Come and get to know this mega-diverse area while you dive in it to appreciate its hidden beauty in more depth.

Scuba Diving in La PazAt La Paz Divers, we offer diving courses for any level and suitable for the whole family. If you know nothing about scuba diving and want to learn to dive, our PADI Discover Scuba Diving Program and PADI Open Water courses are perfect for you. If you’re already certified, no problem, you can continue your education here in La Paz and take your PADI Advanced Open Water course, PADI Rescue course, PADI Divemaster course, and more.

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Bilingual Marine Biology Spring Workshop for Kids

Back by popular demand!!


It is with great pleasure to once again offer our bilingual marine biology workshop for kids in La Paz, Mexico.

After a hugely successful series of five Saturday workshops last summer, we are offering another five workshops every Saturday in April 2023 (1st, 8th, 15th, 22nd, 29th)
Our bilingual marine biology summer workshop for kids aims to provide a fun and informative summer camp-style program to educate your children about the amazing biodiversity of marine life that we are so lucky to have here, the threats that some species and habitats are facing, and what we can do to help protect them.
Our highly professional crew of teachers, marine biologists, and dive / snorkeling instructors will guide your children to learn about the local marine environment with an emphasis on enjoying it responsibly.
Professional snorkeling instruction will be offered to those interested, giving your children a window into a whole new world. We will also have a day of kayaking for science, and underwater photography.
We will conduct a total of five workshops to be held on Playa El Caimancito every Saturday starting on Saturday 1 April 2023 (last workshop is on Saturday 29 April) from 10 am – 3 pm.
The cost per workshop is $600 Pesos for each child.
PROMOTION: Register for all five workshops for just $2,500 Pesos!
Preregistration and prepayment is required.
We provide all activities, the use of snorkel gear, shade for the beach, refreshments, and a cool box for your use. Children are required to bring along their own lunch.
To enrol you can call or WhatsApp +52 612 197 5824 or send an email to [email protected]
Limited spaces.

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Dive in La Paz with sea lions

Join La Paz Divers to dive in La Paz with sea lions

Diving in La Paz with sea lionsOne of the most fun and exciting places to dive in La Paz is at Los Islotes, a pair of islets located at the northern-tip of the Espiritu Santo National Park. This rock formation is located approximately 1:30 hrs from La Paz by boat and is home to a large colony of 850 + California sea lions (Zalophus californianus). These animals are popularly known as the pups of the sea, due to the curious and playful nature of the juveniles. On land, these animals may appear a little clumsy, but under the water, they are agile, graceful swimmers. Reaching speeds of up to 20 miles per hour, the sea lions will amaze you with their energy and maneuverability.

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Sea lions entertain themselves by swimming, splashing around, and playing with each other, objects, and animals that they encounter in their habitat. These pinnipeds commonly interact with people in the water, swimming close to take a second look and even playfully nibbling at the fins of divers and snorkelers.

Swim with sea lions in La PazSea lions are very vocal animals and will often seemingly argue with each other for hours as they negotiate for space to haul out on the rocks and bask in the sun.

Throughout your diving adventure, you will be accompanied by your marine biologist guide who will explain about the biology, life-history and conservation status of these amazing creatures.

The season for swimming and diving in La Paz with sea lions is from September to the end of May each year, since the breeding season of the sea lions starts in June and ends in August so in-water interactions are suspended for this critical time for the species.

There is a wide-range of diving in La Paz to be enjoyed including sea turtles on the Fang Ming shipwreck, seasonal manta sightings at La reina, and huge fish schools at Swanne rock.

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